8 Steps to Get Rid of Roof Rats

Posted June 30th, 2020

  #1. ROOF RAT INSPECTION! You have to treat it as an investigation. Investigate to find animal activity facts. The facts that show the telltale signs of the activity in different areas. We call...

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Animals Belong in the Wild, Not in Your Attic!

Posted June 24th, 2020

This is an introduction to Attic Kings Animal Removal Services. In this article, we will detail inspections, how we remove animals, guarantees, warranties, exclusions, and the nine animals most commonly found in attics that...

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Common Attic Animal Intruders and How to Respond

Posted June 8th, 2020

Do you hear frequent noises, sounds, and disturbances coming from your attic? Crawling, scurrying, and running noises are almost 100% rodents or other wildlife loose in your attic. To prevent these critters from ruining...

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