Wildlife Removal Services

Basements and attics can attract all kinds of animals and rodents to your home. Once these critters move in, it can be difficult to get them out. The longer you wait to evict them, the more damage they can do.

Attic Kings Animal Removal can remove any wildlife that wonders into your home. But we don’t stop there. We’ll also seal and animal proof the points of entry so that they cannot re-enter your home ever again. Plus, we’ll decontaminate the area so it doesn’t pose a threat to you or your family’s health. After we’re done, your house will be good as new.

We Work with Your Insurance Company

Worried about costs? We work with your insurance company to make sure you receive the coverage you deserve!

Located in Lawrenceville, we have served Grayson and the counties across Georgia for over a decade and are experts on the local wildlife.


  • Remove animals without harm or death
  • Fast animal proofing and exclusion repairs
  • Thorough decontamination
  • Install our handcrafted safety exit tunnels
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Our Promise

animal removal warranties
  • Receive our Lifetime Guarantee with full exclusion service
  • Renewable lifetime Guarantee – We will service, trap and seal if a new infestation occurs free of charge
  • 1-year renewable warranty on all work and services
  • Warranty on all work installed. Both of these warranties and guarantees will renew every year

“I had a hornets nest the size of a beach ball on my roofline, and it had gotten to the point that my wife was afraid to leave the house because she was so afraid of getting stung. So I called Attic Kings. They came out and the nest was gone in less than an hour. They were very professional and the service was outstanding.”

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I had a bat problem in my attic gable vent. The crew listened to my needs, recommended a fix and installed it. They were an excellent choice for my problem. I would call them again !

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Buy our easy-to-use DIY eviction tunnels at diysquirrelremoval.com!

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