skunkSkunks are smelly creatures that will sometimes try to make your home their own. If you think you have a skunk living with you, call the Attic Kings right away. We’ll remove the animal and get your house smelling back to normal.

Skunk Problems

  • Produce a very bad odor
  • Carry diseases and parasite such as rabies
  • Cause damage to sheds, garages, decks, and other structures
  • Are aggressive if with their young

Skunks in the Home

Skunks will usually try to make a home under decks, in crawl spaces, inside sheds, and playground structures. Once they are in, it can be hard to get them out. When they feel threatened, they will spray a bad-smelling mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals that can be extremely difficult to wash off. You really don’t want to mess with these animals when they’re nearby.

Removal Process

Once we are sure of the skunk’s location, we will seal off all entryways and install one of our one-way exit tunnels. This will give the skunk only one way out and no way back in. If need be, we can trap the skunk and remove it from the premises to prevent it from using another part of the property.

After we’ve removed the skunk, we will animal proof the infested area, be it the deck, foundation, or the attic.

Attic Kings does not use poisons as part of its removal process. Using poisons can cause health hazards to your pets and family, and aren’t as effective as our exit tunnels. As much of a nuisance as these critters can be, we feel that killing them is not the answer.

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