Cold Weather Critters That Get in Your Attic

Posted February 5th, 2018

There’s a cold wind blowing and the mercury is dropping in the thermometer, and if you’re feeling the chill and ready to go inside then you surely understand how the critters feel. When cold...

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Raccoons and Roundworm

Posted January 2nd, 2018

In videos on social media, raccoons look like lovable, furry friends, and most folks enjoy those brushes with wildlife when a raccoon comes up on the back porch and scurries around. One redditor actually...

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Do you hear that noise in your attic???

Posted November 17th, 2017

As temperatures drop and pests begin looking for shelter against the cold winter days and nights, homeowners should be aware of any noises coming from their attic. Time of Day May Indicate The Type...

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How Raccoons Get into Your Florida Home

Posted September 1st, 2017

Burglars will forever wish they had the skills of a raccoon when it comes to breaking and entering. Incredibly Resourceful Raccoons are incredibly resourceful when it comes to making a den inside your house....

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