chipmunk eating birdseed on a stumpChipmunks can be quite the nuisance even for their tiny size. If you have a chipmunk problem, call Attic Kings and we’ll get them out of your hair.

Chipmunk Problems

  • Dig holes and tunnels around the house, garage, and shed
  • Dig up the yard and garden
  • Carry diseases and parasites
  • Leave urine and feces
  • Cause minor structural damage to the home
  • Can cause the home to settle, weaken the foundation, and driveway cracks

Chipmunk in the Home

Unlike rats and squirrels, chipmunks don’t usually travel inside the home. This is because they are burrowers. They prefer to keep outside where it’s easier to scavenge for food, but they will sometimes invade the attic or crawl space if there’s an opening.

Removal Process

Once we know where the chipmunks are living, we’ll seal off all the entryways and install a one-way exit tunnel. This will allow them to go out, but stop them from going back in. After all chipmunks have left the area, we will remove the tunnel and seal up the hole. Chipmunks are usually gone within 1-8 days.

After the chipmunks are gone, we will animal proof the area to keep them from going back inside the house.

Chipmunk Prevention

It can be difficult to keep chipmunks off your property completely, but there are a few things you can do to stop attracting them.

  • Don’t leave food or bird seed around the outside of the house
  • Keep trash cans sealed
  • Make sure all holes and cracks around the property are sealed

Call Attic Kings to handle all your chipmunk removal needs.

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