OpossumOpossums will sometimes take up residence on a homeowner’s property. These animals can be a real nuisance and should be removed as soon as possible. Attic Kings Animal Removal can handle your opossum problem fast and easy.

Opossum Problems

  • Produce a foul odor
  • Carry diseases and parasites such as rabies and fleas
  • Cause structural damage to sheds, garages, and other parts of the house
  • Leave urine stains and feces
  • Will scavenge through the garbage
  • Contaminate and ruin insulation

Opossums in the Home

Opossums will utilize holes or weak spots around your house, shed, or garage. They will also climb trees and sometimes get on the roof. From here, they can get into the attic if there is an opening. If the opossum is able to get into the attic, they will likely tear up insulation, urinate, and leave feces. This can cause a huge problem for homeowners.

Opossums are nocturnal so you likely won’t seem them out during the day. They are also not likely to attack and will typically “play dead” when they feel threatened. If you notice any freshly dug holes around your property or loud coughing/gargling noises at night, you may have an opossum nearby.

Removal Process

Once we find where the opossum is located, we will seal off all entryways and install one of our one-way exit tunnels. This will give the animal only one way out and no way back in. If need be, we can trap the opossum and remove it from the premises to prevent it from using another part of the property.

After we’ve removed the animal, we will animal proof the infested area, be it the deck, foundation, or the attic.

Attic Kings does not use poisons as part of its removal process. Using poisons can cause health hazards to your pets and family, and aren’t as effective as our exit tunnels. As much of a nuisance as these critters can be, we feel that killing them is not the answer.

Opossum Prevention

To keep opossums from wandering back onto the property you should:

  • Keep debris away from the house
  • Keep garbage cans sealed
  • Fix any holes or weak spots on the property
  • Cut back any overhanging trees

If you need an opossum removed, call Attic Kings today. Having served Norcross, Lawrenceville, and the counties of Georgia for years, we have all your needs covered!

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