Insulation repair4 Levels of Attic Decontamination

  • Level 1 – Sanitization
  • Level 2 – Remove visible animal contaminants and sanitize
  • Level 3 – Attic Cap: Remove top two inches of insulation with droppings, sanitize, and add two new inches of insulation starting at $1.50 Sq. Ft.
  • Level 4 – Full Restoration: Remove all contaminated insulation, sanitize, and install new insulation
    • Starts at $2.00 Sq. Ft For most level four clean-ups where there are squirrel and rat contaminants
    • $3.00 Sq. Ft. For raccoon contaminants

Having animals in the attic does more than keep you up at night. They contaminate your insulation with their urine and feces and chew on wires and wood. These problems pose serious health and safety risks, and simply removing the animals isn’t enough.

Insulation Removal and Replacement

Attic Kings can safely and effectively remove the soiled insulation with our Versa-Vac and replace it by using our insulation blow-in machine. With it, we can remove all the contaminated insulation without any of it traveling inside the home. This prevents cross-contamination and keeps your house free of any debris that could leak out during the suction process.

We will also spray professional grade decontaminate disinfectant and deodorizing spray to kill 99% of all the bacteria left behind.

Once we’re finished, your family will be safe from the many diseases that are often spread by animal droppings, as well as prevent the smell from traveling to other parts of the home.

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