Beaver Removal Duluth, Ga

Beavers might seem like an unlikely source of frustration, but for many home and landowners, they’re a real pain. From gnawing down trees to building dams on your property, beavers can be a real nuisance. They should be taken care of as soon as you’re able. To kids, they’re relatively cute and silly. But to adults, they are nothing but trouble. There’s a fine line, too, since beavers are naturally part of our ecosystem. You need a company that takes that into consideration when removing your beaver problems. Get in touch with Attic Kings today for fast and effective beaver removal.

Beaver Damage on Your Land

When beavers cause damage, it isn’t always like typical pests, with burrowing, gnawing, and destroying your attic. No, beavers typically are messy animals, that leave destruction in their wake. From taking entire trees and shrubs down, to building dams, beavers can completely alter the landscape. Speaking of landscapes, beavers main areas they damage usually involve landscapes and yards. Unfortunately, for landowners, this responsibility falls on them. It’s true. Georgia Law states that you’re liable for effects from beavers that happen on your land but affect another’s land.

a tree that has been chewed on by beavers

Duluth’s Home for Beaver Removal

Attic Kings has been servicing Duluth, Norcross, and Lawrenceville for over a decade. In addition to these cities, the rest of Gwinnett County also enjoys our service. Let us take the pain out of dealing with the critters and vermin that our beautiful state has to offer. Beavers can pose a huge threat to local ecology and landscaping. They should be dealt with humanely and kept away from your property.

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If you’ve got a beaver problem, or you aren’t sure what critters are bugging you, give Attic Kings a call today. You can call us at 404 – 723 – 1065 or fill out this short contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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I had a bat problem in my attic gable vent. The crew listened to my needs, recommended a fix and installed it. They were an excellent choice for my problem. I would call them again!
Richard K.

Jonathan and his crew were very professional and took care of our huge critter problem. He did several follow-up visits to make sure the traps were working and was always available to answer my questions. They were a pleasure to work with and worth every dollar.

Donna W.

I had a bad squirrel problem in my attic, so I called Attic Kings. They came out to do an inspection and found out how the pests were getting in. They installed one of their tunnels and within days, they were gone. It has been over a year since Attic Kings have gotten rid of my squirrel problem and the animals haven’t been back since.
Chris M.