Animals Belong in the Wild, Not in Your Attic!

Jun 24, 2020 | General

This is an introduction to Attic Kings Animal Removal Services. In this article, we will detail inspections, how we remove animals, guarantees, warranties, exclusions, and the nine animals most commonly found in attics that we love to get rid of humanely. Animals Belong In The Wild. Not In Your Attic!

About Attic Kings

We opened Attic Kings on January thirteenth, 2013. Attic Kings is an all-natural animal removal and exclusion company. I’m J.J. Younts, the owner. All of our techs are licensed, wildlife trappers. We specialize in the professional removal of squirrels, flying squirrels, rats, bats, mice, birds, raccoons, opossums, snakes, and much more. These are the nine animals that can most commonly be found in people’s homes or attics, where we provide thorough inspections.

Explanations of Our Inspections

We perform these inspections initially to identify the type of animal, its droppings, point of entry, and potential tunneling through insulation. These findings also help to identify nesting that’s usually located in a soffit, travel patterns, inside-roof damage, chewed wires, and any gable vents or ridge vents that may have damage. It also lets us determine if there is any other evidence that we can see. Your inspection can tell us where the animals are traveling from and to inside your attic walls, basement, or crawl space. We look to find out where most of the droppings are concentrated. This evidence can tell us exactly the type of animal proofing and removal process that we need to perform on your particular home as well. Most importantly it can tell us where the unwanted wildlife is getting in!

The Removal and Exclusion Process

The certified technician will treat your attic much like a crime scene. Our team has the ability to get the animals out of your home quickly, safely, and humanely. Depending on the type of animal, the season, and location, we will use traps to catch them outside. Other times we will use the traps to speed up the eviction process inside your home. Most of the time we will use a safety exit tunnel to allow free exit with no re-entry. These can be handcrafted on-site by any one of our highly trained technicians.

The type of animal dictates what size we will make the safety exit tunnel. Once we install the exit tunnel and you let us do the exclusion from top to bottom we will seal all holes, gaps, cracks, pipes, crawlspace doors, and vents. Only then is the job completely finished. After that process is done we wait one to fourteen days. And presto! All nuisance wildlife is gone, for good! Sometimes it can be longer for rats and mice because they are cannibalistic.

Warranty and Lifetime Service

We ask our customers to be patient for thirty days while we check the traps. Once the house is animal-proofed and the noises have stopped, we will put your home under our optional to renew, lifetime guarantee program. Then your warranty on all materials is activated. Which means we will service, trap, or seal if another problem arises. You can renew both of these for a renewal fee. We don’t call you, bill you, or bug you. Just call us on the anniversary month the guarantee is up, and we’ll take care of it.

Once the animals are gone, and you’re happy with our service, we can come back and give you a quote on attic decontamination, spot cleaning, or crawlspace decontamination. Whatever you need, Attic Kings is your company. We don’t clean anything up until we know the animals are completely gone and are positive they aren’t coming back! Once all of this has been done, your home will be as good as new. So call today to get your inspection! To learn more, please find us on Google.

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