Birds Nesting in Bathroom Vent Fan

Dec 11, 2018 | Animal Removal, Exclusion, Restoration

Birds and other critters are always looking for shelter. Most times, this shelter is in trees or outdoors. However, birds often find shelter in barns, abandoned buildings, and homes. Unfortunately, they can make your home their home, giving a whole new meaning to, “mi casa es su casa.” Not only can birds get into your attic, or under your porch, but they can also nest in your bathroom vent fan(s). Once they find a way in, birds can be quite difficult to get out. Attic Kings wildlife removal specialists can help rid these avian creatures from your home and bathroom.

baby chicks inside vent fan bathroom

A bird’s nest in your bathroom (or anywhere) is a nuisance and needs to be taken care of immediately. Then again, any time there is wildlife uninvited in your home, it’s annoying. A raccoon or rat in your home is bad, but you can remove those more easily than a bird in a vent fan!

How Did The Birds Get In?

A common question, that pretty much only has a handful of answers. Birds get in through the construction gap or the space between the gutters and the shingles. They then use this roofline gap to find a place to nest, and can basically come and go as they please. That is until a wildlife removal expert removes their nest seals off the entrance. Oftentimes, the babies remain in the vent while the mother may have outgrown the entryway leaving the young to fend for themselves.

roof and shingle gap

With Attic Kings, you do not have to worry about the babies, as they are not harmed in any way. They will also reunite with their mother when they are humanely removed. Once gone, your wildlife exclusion expert will seal off any area, making it no longer accessible to wildlife. Unlike most pest control companies, Attic Kings not only offers removal and exclusion but also restoration services.

Why Do Something Today?

Your bathroom vent fan is an everyday item that is easy to overlook. Once a bird (or other vermin) gets into your vents or pipes, it could seriously halt its ability to function properly. It’s imperative to eradicate any safe harbor and eliminate any possible spread of disease. This can be done by addressing these issues immediately and with professional help. Professional help means a company that is reliable, insured, and license for wildlife removal, exclusion, and restoration.

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