Cold Weather Critters That Get in Your Attic

Feb 5, 2018 | Animal Removal, Exclusion

There’s a cold wind blowing and the mercury is dropping in the thermometer, and if you’re feeling the chill and ready to go inside then you surely understand how the critters feel.

When cold weather drives you into your warm house, there are many animals out there that are also looking for a warm place to stay.

Problem Animals During Winter

Homeowners should be aware of the animals that might decide to winter in their attics.

  • Raccoons are among the worst. They are sneaky and skilled at exploiting the smallest of openings and getting inside your house. They live in your walls or in your attic, any small place where they can make a snug, warm den.
  • Bats also love to make their winter home in attics. While there are some benefits to having bats near your home (they eat mosquitoes!) and many people erect bat boxes on their property, you do not want them living in your attic.bats in an attic
  • You’ve probably seen the nests squirrels make in trees. Now ask yourself, where would you rather spend your winter – in a stick-nest in a tree where the wind can get you, or in a warm, dry attic?
  • Rats and mice are other critters that are always looking for a warm, dry place to spend the winter, and they’ll opt for your attic just about as fast as anywhere else.

What Could Happen is Very Real

All of these critters carry diseases that can transfer to humans, so homeowners cannot and should not tolerate these unwanted tenants.

Some of them will also gnaw on electrical wires, creating the danger of an electrical fire in your house. In fact, wildlife can wreak all sorts of havoc on your home and property. If not taken care of quickly and effectively, they can end up causing you more than just a little headache. It’s best to find a professional service that excels at trapping wildlife and removing it humanely.

Chewed boxes in your attic, gnawed on wires or framing, droppings, and scratching noises in your attic or walls are all indications that you might have critters wintering in your attic. Even chewed wires and parts underneath the hood of your car can be a sign of wildlife infestation in your home or business – even if you park in a garage!

Remove Wildlife As Soon As Possible

If you see evidence of non-human infiltration, for health and safety reasons, you should see about evicting them immediately.