Duluth Company Offers Attic Clean Up and Restoration

Jul 5, 2015 | News

The damage done by wildlife invading your attic goes beyond damage to the exterior of your home or the annoying noises at night. When wildlife gets into your attic, they contaminate the insulation with feces, hair, and other contaminants. This poses a serious health hazard to you and your family.

Remove The Insulation

Removing the insulation must be done with care to prevent any of the dust, debris or animal feces from further contaminating the house. Hiring a professional crew is important because of the health hazards, the cramped space, the falling hazard, and danger from any wildlife still present.

Attic cleaning also sometimes includes removal of insulation then reapplication of new insulation. In some situations, we only need to recommend an attic spot clean up. This kind of recommendation is required when the attic is not that dirty. And we think you can save money by not doing a full attic restoration. Which is the full nine yards. Which is insulation removal, decontamination, reapplication of new insulation. Spaying the attic for any bacteria, disease, and germs is important! So Call Attic Kings because we are a professional company based in Gwinnett County that handles the safe, humane removal of wildlife from your home and the cleanup and restoration of your attic and crawl spaces. Contact them today for a free inspection and imaging at 404-723-1065 or visit them at AtticKings.com.