How Not to Get Sprayed By a Skunk

Sep 21, 2022 | Uncategorized

Have you seen a movie or tv show where someone gets sprayed by a skunk and they
take a bath in tomato juice? Well, that scenario isn’t made up for just entertainment purposes.
Skunks actually do spray animals or people and in this article, we will discuss warning signs that a
skunk is about to spray you, what to do if you get sprayed, and how to not get sprayed.
First, let’s talk about why skunks spray in the first place. There are a couple of reasons why
a skunk will spray. They could spray for protection if a predator gets near them. Yes, that
includes you. They use that technique to stop you from coming closer. Another reason for them
spraying is because they get scared. If a skunk gets startled for any reason, they are very likely
to spray. That is why when you are driving down the highway and you smell a skunk, they
probably were just startled by something.

Next, Let’s talk about warning signs that a skunk might be about to spray you. If you ever
approach a skunk on purpose or by accident, they might start to make some noises. They might
start to hiss or growl. That is definitely a sign to back off. Another thing that a skunk does before
it is about to spray is to stomp its feet. They will move back and forth while stomping their feet to
let you know that they are willing to spray you. If these warning signs do not work, the skunk will
begin to lift its behind and bend back to look at you so that it will aim correctly. Speaking of
aiming, a skunk can spray up to 10 feet away. So, you might not have time to run.

So, let’s say that you get sprayed by a skunk. You will smell terrible, but do not get in
water! Water will react with the chemicals in the skunk’s spray and will make it worse. The skunk
spray is made of Thiol and Sulfur. That rotten egg smell? It’s the Sulfur.

Now, remember in the beginning of this article where we talked about how on tv shows
people will get in tomato juice? That is a myth. The easiest way that people have said to get rid
of the smell is by a mixture of multiple chemicals that are easy to find at the store. You will need
Baking Soda, Dawn Dish Soap, and Peroxide. ***But, be careful and leave that chemical to the
professionals because it can blow up.***

If you have a skunk problem in your home and do not want to get sprayed, Feel free to
contact us. Once we are sure of the skunk’s location, we will seal off all entryways and install
one of our one-way exit tunnels. This forces the skunk to have only one way out and no way back in. If
need be, we can trap the skunk and remove it from the premises to prevent it from using
another part of the property. After we’ve removed the skunk, we will animal-proof the infested
area, be it the deck, foundation, or attic. Attic Kings does not use poisons as part of its
removal process. Using poisons can cause health hazards to your pets and family, and aren’t as
effective as our exit tunnels. As much of a nuisance as these critters can be, we feel that killing them is not the answer.