How Raccoons Get into Your Home

Sep 1, 2017 | Animal Removal, Exclusion

Burglars will forever wish they had the skills of a raccoon when it comes to breaking and entering.

They are Incredibly Resourceful

Raccoons are incredibly resourceful when it comes to making a den inside your house. Raccoons often get into chimneys or access attics and crawl spaces from open ventilation holes. They have been known to pull away metal flashing to gain entry into an attic.

Any ventilation hole that is uncovered is an opportunity to a raccoon, but raccoons will even tear their way into vents that are screened if there is any kind of gap.

a raccoon hiding in a bush

And once inside, raccoons will work the way into wall voids and ductwork. They can sometimes become trapped in the voids (particularly in the case of young raccoons).

Once inside your house, raccoons will leave urine and feces waste. They will probably also tear out insulation. Raccoons are not as likely as squirrels or mice to gnaw on wires and create electrical fire hazards, but it’s not unheard of for raccoons to gnaw on wires.

Cover All Vents and Holes

Making sure your venting is thoroughly covered with no gaps is critical for keeping raccoons out. Checking flashing to make certain it is not protruding is also important. Screened chimney covers can keep raccoons from making a den in your chimney.

But all of these precautions may not be enough, because raccoons have a knack for finding places to den, and few places offer as much protection, warmth and comfort to a raccoon as your attic or wall space.

Removing Raccoons In Your Home

If you hear raccoons in your attic or wall, you can try to drive them out by rapping on the walls, but often you’ll find that to get the raccoons evicted from your home will require the assistance of professional pest removers. Professionals can humanely trap and release the raccoons and keep the raccoon families together if there are also young raccoons in the home.

With Attic Kings, you can be sure that once the raccoons in question have been removed, all entrances that were available will now be closed. We don’t only remove the animals but keep them from re-entering, and if necessary can restore what has been damaged.