Pest Removal & Replacing Attic Insulation After

Feb 25, 2016 | Animal Removal, Exclusion, Restoration

animal removal raccoon outside windowWhen a wild animal moves into your attic, it’s important to act fast with the assistance of pest removal. The longer you allow them to stay, the more damage they can do. But there’s one thing you must do no matter how long an animal lives in your attic, and that’s replace your insulation.

Animals, once they’ve moved into the attic, will leave droppings and urine, and will sometimes have babies if they’re up there long enough. They also carry parasites, ticks, fleas, and various diseases. Certain animals, such as squirrels and rats, have the habit of chewing on wood and wires. Frayed wires are a huge fire hazard and should be dealt with immediately. It’s also possible for an animal to die in your attic, putting off an awful smell that could stink up your whole house.

Pest Removal

Attic Kings can remove nuisance animals safely and quickly. By installing our one-way exit tunnels, animals will be barred from re-entry once they’ve gone out through the tunnel. Once the animals are out, we’ll animal proof all possible entry points to make sure they can’t get back in. Unfortunately, the work does not end here.

Attic Insulation Replacement and Decontamination

insulation in an attic

First, all of the contaminated insulation must be removed from the attic. Thankfully, Attic Kings makes this process easy. With our Versa-Vac, we can suck out all the bad insulation without having to track it through your home. This prevents cross-contamination and makes the removal process a breeze.

Once we’ve sucked out all the bad insulation, we continue to decontaminate your attic by spraying disinfectant and deodorizer to kill up to 99% of all the bacteria. This is very important. Simply removing the contaminated insulation is not enough to stop the spread and growth of bacteria, or keep it from smelling up the new insulation.

After the attic has been completely decontaminated and deodorized, we’ll replace it with new insulation by using our blow-in machine. This allows us to get insulation in the attic fast and easy.

Then you’re done. Now your attic is animal-free and filled with fresh insulation.

If you have animals in your attic, contact Attic Kings Animal Removal and Attic Decontamination. We’ll send one of our technicians out to do a free inspection and start drawing up an eviction plan.