How to Keep Birds Away from Your Home

Jun 7, 2016 | Animal Removal, Exclusion

keep birds away from your home

While some people enjoy setting up bird feeders to see what kinds of birds they can attract, others wish they’d just keep away. This is understandable as birds can damage your garden, home, and leave corrosive droppings. While it may not be possible to keep birds off your property completely, there are several things you can do to deter these sometimes pesky creatures.

Identify the Birds

The first thing you should do is make sure that the birds that are giving you trouble are not protected by state or federal law. Some counties and states have very strict rules when it comes to protecting avian wildlife. You can see the list of birds protected in Georgia by going to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website.

Once you know what kind of bird you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to find out if you can remove its eggs from your property. If the birds are protected, however, you’ll have to leave the eggs and nest alone. Once the birds are old enough to survive on their own, then you can remove the old nest.

Removing Nests

Removing a nest will signal to the bird that the habitat is hostile, leading them to find a new home. After the nest is out, make sure you disinfect the area. If the bird sticks around and tries to build another nest, knock it out right away. By undoing its hard work enough times, the bird will hopefully give up and move on.

Make the Environment Less Friendly to Birds

Figure out what around your house could be attracting the birds. Some things will be easier to get rid of than others.

  • Remove any sources of standing water. Birds love to take baths in these containers. Plus, it gives them easy access to drinking water.
  • If you have a fruit tree, you can wrap it in tree netting to prevent the birds from eating off it.
  • You can try to set up visual repellents of predators like plastic owls or snakes. Just make sure you move them around from time to time or else the birds will recognize them as artificial.
  • There are also certain bird alarms you can use to scare birds away.
  • You can also install bird spikes on the windowsill or wherever birds commonly perch on your property.
  • Birds also don’t like shiny objects, so hanging something shiny where birds usually gather can work to deter them from hanging around.

Block Up Any Nesting Spots

You may find out that it’s simply not possible to completely keep birds off your property. In this case, the best thing you can do is make sure they can’t do any serious damage to your home. This means looking for small spaces in the outside walls of your house and closing them up.

If you already have a bird infestation, call Attic Kings at 404-723-1065. We’ll come out and solve the problem and prevent the birds from causing issues in the future.