Kings of The Attic

Jan 6, 2017 | Animal Removal, Exclusion, General

Welcome, Home! Whether you just got the keys to your first house or this is the 5th plus year coming through that front door; either way this is your safe haven. Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your current abode, when you curl up at night the last thing you want to hear is scratching, crawling and biting within the wall. Even worse to wake up and smell that undeniable stench of death somewhere unidentified. Cleaning up bat guano on the back porch, hearing the scurry of squirrels in the attic, seeing rat droppings in the basement, and picking up the trash from the raccoons the night before. You have officially identified that there is an animal problem, now what?

Squirrel in a trap
Have no fear! Attic Kings is here! Attic Kings is a no chemical, no-kill, rodent remover specialist. Not only will they remove the animals and re-home them but will also patch any holes that may have led the critters into your attic in the first place. Without the use of harsh chemicals or poison, that can not only be pricey but also cause other issues down the road, Attic Kings professionally traps the animals to be carried off-site for release. They will even come in and remove dead animals and put down cleaning agents to disinfect the area. They even go above and beyond the average removal companies by repairing and restoring the damage done by the animals in your home as well as sealing the area to prevent the animals returning.

What Separates Attic Kings From the Competition

Attic Kings offers several different coupons and deals on their website as well as a lifetime warranty with select packages they offer. If cautious or unsure if you have a problem, they will come out for a free inspection. They’ll give you an estimate so you can rest at ease about the next step. On their user-friendly website, they offer reviews which create a nice transparency between customers and the company itself.

With this new year, you don’t want to be stuck in an expensive situation. Visit Attic Kings user-friendly website for a free inspection and estimate. View their reviews and, coupons and packages to make the decision to end the chaos of squirrels in your home. Don’t let your home be overrun with animals that are not your pets. Reclaim your safe haven within the new year, today.