Rat Solutions

Nov 18, 2016 | Animal Removal

There’s a reason that the exclamation “RATS!” is a thing. It’s because rats suck. Not only are they gnarly critters that can spread disease, they also breed quickly, and can destroy a myriad of things in your home.  In fact, many people have tried (and failed) at keeping rats as pets. It might work for some, but they’re really not cut out to be the type to obey. Sure they look cute…until they eat into your blower’s gas tank, start contaminating your basement, or bites a human (that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!). That’s when you know it’s time for them to go. Pet or not, rats are not friends.

Humane Ways To Remove Rats

While most people would tell you to kill the rat with either poison or a spring-trap, there are humane alternatives to getting rid of rats and doing it fast. The dangers of poison are pretty obvious, especially if you have pets or children. If you have kids, you know they can get into just about ANYTHING, much like dogs and cats. You don’t want to poison your sweet pets, and you certainly don’t want a trip to the emergency room (especially not with today’s rising healthcare costs!).  Sticky traps are another “solution” that is a little cruel. It sounds great that the rodents can walk on, get stuck, and get thrown out, but that means death by starving and dehydration. That’s not cool.

Like the professional exclusion experts at Attic Kings, removing and not killing should be the answer. If the absolute extreme circumstance comes and you must choose between a loved one and a dead rat, by all means, kill it. But there are quite a few ways to think green and act humanely. Some alternatives to murdering the little nuisances follow.

Natural Deterrents

Should you have areas such as pipes that have bite marks on them, and you just want to deter them, it is recommended to mix a cocktail of salad oil, horseradish, garlic, and cayenne pepper. Spray onto susceptible areas and make sure they’re all coated. This may sound delicious to some people, but rats hate it.

Two-Door Live Traps

A two-door live trap is a great solution for anyone who truly wants to get rid of rats without killing them. These handy traps can catch rabbits, chipmunks, small raccoons, rats, mice, and other rodents. You basically set it and check it every 12 hours or so to see if you’ve caught some vermin. Though they’ll be trapped for a little bit, it won’t be too terrible when you release them back into the wild.

Professional Removal

If all cards are on the table, the most humane way to treat rats is either to live with them or hire a professional to exclude them from your property. From custom-made traps and exit tunnels, Attic Kings has got your back and all the know-how in the industry to make sure your home or business operates critter-free.