Are Rats a Year-round Problem? You Bet They Are

Mar 19, 2018 | Animal Removal, Exclusion, General

So, of course, it stands to reason that rodents like rats and mice hide inside when it’s cold out. Why would any warm-blooded mammal want to live outside in a frigid winter? It always feels good knowing that springtime is around the corner. Flowers blooming, the grass is turning back to its luscious green, your heating bill is cooling off, and hopefully, no threat of vermin inside…right? Well, it’s partially true, but there’s a caveat – rats are a year-round issue.

Rats Are a Year-Round Problem

Just because it’s warm, it doesn’t mean a lack of varmints in your home, especially in Florida. Unfortunately, they’re very hard to get rid of, especially in a humane way. These little monsters are capable of causing damage to your home that is can not only compromise its structural integrity but also be a health issue for you and your loved ones.

rats under a house

How Rats Get into Your Home

Fun (frightening) fact: A hole just over a half of an inch is big enough to let a mouse into your home. One mouse in your home might as well be 20. Any gap around a window or door could be prospective entryways for these little terrors. The same goes for pipe and utility entrances, and even a slightly opened garage door.

Once inside your home, rats can do a plethora of damage, including, but not limited to:

  • Gnawing on electrical wires in your home AND vehicles, which can be a fire hazard or transportation issue
  • Find any food in your kitchen, and contaminate your cabinets
  • Live and raise families in your walls
  • Destroy your possessions and infest them with droppings
  • Contaminate insulation in your attic and walls

How to Prevent Entry

Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep these critters out of your home. Ensure that any small areas around your house are sealed off so that rodents can’t slip in any crevices. Your screens on your windows should always be intact, and without tear or holes in them. It’s also helpful to have screen doors installed so your family can enjoy the nice weather without the threat of intruders.

Another smart tip is to make sure all gutters and downspouts are carrying water away from your home. Water that gets in through gutter nail holes or improperly sealed gutters can lead to erosion and rot of wood and let gnawing creatures in. Any type of vents that your attic, crawlspace, or garage has should have mesh coverings to make certain nothing gets in.

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