Squirrel Removal and How to Keep Them Out

Aug 23, 2015 | Animal Removal

squirrel on the roof

People often ask if squirrels can climb a vertical brick wall. Of course they can! Eyes closed and backwards even! Even an old crippled squirrel can certainly climb a brick wall – just like a tree. Also, people ask if squirrels can chew through a brick wall. Only if there’s a compromised area such as a small hole, some deterioration, etc. The squirrel can chew out a bit of mortar to be able to gain access to the structure.

How Squirrels Get Inside Buildings

Squirrels can get into many parts of the building – the attic, the sections between floors, the eaves, or even within the walls. If squirrels can get to these sections, then there are many many ways for them to enter the building. Sometimes they chew their way inside, other times they enter using an existing hole. In order to fix a squirrel problem inside a building, you must find out where they are getting in! Otherwise, removing one will be replaced by another (or several!) in a matter of time.

It’s vital that you examine the entire building, not missing a single inch. A squirrel hole isn’t necessarily on or close to the roof. Also it doesn’t have to be in wood. In some cases, the holes are near power lines where one would not expect a squirrel enter. Some of the easiest entries are straight into the wall.

One-Way Exclusion Doors

Fortunately, this is a simple type of job to fix. Just use a one-way exclusion door directly on the hole. It would be easier (and cheaper) to seal off every other hole you can find and just place the one-way door over the one spot rather than have multiple doors sticking out of your house. Once the squirrel leaves the building, it cannot return because of the one-way door. Now it’s just a matter of inspecting the building every now and then to make sure that new holes haven’t appeared. Include some squirrel repellent to keep the squirrels away longer.

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