The Importance of Getting Rid of Rats Fast

Dec 16, 2015 | Animal Removal, Exclusion

The Importance of Getting Rid of Rats Fast

Having rats inside the home is a huge problem. Not only can they do a tremendous amount of damage to your house, but they also carry many dangerous diseases and parasites. This is why it’s important to have these rodents removed at the first sign of them.

Damage Done by Rats

Rats will often build nests in the attic, basement, crawlspace, and walls of your home.

In the attic, rats will tear up and soil insulation, causing it to smell and become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The bacteria then has the potential to travel through the air vents of the home and spread throughout the rest of the house. This puts you and your family at great health risks.

Rats love to chew and thusly can cause structural damage throughout your attic and roof. They may also chew on wires, causing them to fray. This makes them a serious fire hazard to your home as well.

chewed wires in attic

In the basement, rats will chew through boxes and travel along pipes. If they break a water pipe, it could cause your basement to flood and severely damage whatever you have stored down there. They can also damage the foundation of your home by burrowing underneath it, causing doors, windows, and interior walls, as well as gas and water pipes, to shift.

Other Problems Caused by Rats

Rats may also find their way into your pantry and make off with your food if it’s not safely sealed. If a rat gets into a box of food, do not eat what remains of it as it could make you very sick. They will also go through your garbage and leave a mess for you to clean up.

hole in gutter

Rats also multiply very quickly. So the longer you wait, the worse your problem will get and the more rats you’ll have to remove.

Even if you were to forget about all the expensive repairs that rats force you to make, the sound of their squeaking and scratching is enough to drive you crazy. So, save yourself the headache and call Attic Kings to handle your rat problem today!

Our rat removal process in 100% humane and after they’re gone, we’ll animal proof the infested area to make sure they don’t get in again. All of our animal evictions come with a 1-year renewable warranty. We’ll even replace the bad insulation as well as disinfect and deodorized the area. Also, check our Specials page for coupons and discounts.