The Top 7 Animal Pests that Insurance Won’t Cover

May 24, 2019 | Animal Removal, Exclusion, General

Animals doing damage to your home can be a real nuisance. Although it’s often unavoidable, many homeowners’ policies won’t cover their removal, exclusion, or repair. Most of these critters are hard to get rid of, can damage your home, and can be detrimental to your family’s or pets’ health. These seven intruders are some of the most common in the Southeastern U.S.

Raccoons – Partially Covereda raccoon on a roof

Although raccoons look like little furry bandits with cute masks, they can be quiet destructive. From getting into and strewing about your trash, to invading your crawlspace and attic, they are without a doubt relentless. Aside from the massive amounts of damage they are capable of, raccoons can also spread disease – roundworm, and Leptospirosis just to name a couple. There are some homeowners’ policies that will cover the removal and reapplication of new insulation but only for raccoons.

Opossums – Not Covered

an opossum looks into a bucketJust so there is no confusion, opossums are a nuisance, not a glamour pet. Now that we have that out of the way, an opossum in your home can be a little frightening and even more dangerous. Not only do they trash your home, garden, and garbage, opossums will come back for more if they got any sort of meal from your home. However, any damage left behind or exclusion and removal of opossums is likely not covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. Giving Attic Kings a call would be in your best interest if your home is invaded by opossums!

Snakes – Not Covereda snake hiding in a house

Whether you love snakes, hate snakes, or are indifferent to them, you probably don’t want them in your home. Though snakes don’t cause too much damage, they do pose a threat to the health of your family and pets. A snakebite from a venomous snake can be fairly rough to deal with. But the feeling of seeing a snake in your home for the first time (God forbid the second or more) can really put your thoughts on snakes into perspective. A professional service will be required to remove and exclude snakes in your home, shed, attic, etc. Call Attic Kings today if you have snake problems!

Squirrels – Not Covered

squirrel in gutterNot typically a harmful species while living in trees, Squirrels can be quite the hazard once they’ve made their way into your house. They like to burrow in your walls or attic and make your home their own. It’s not uncommon for squirrels to bring outdoor materials into your home so that they may stay warm or dry.  Believe it or not, squirrels then become a fire hazard with the materials they collect and nest within your home. But their damage comes mostly from how they chew on everything from wires to insulation. The worst is when squirrels die in your home and their bodies become trapped and the smell starts to take over your home. Unless you have a one-way squirrel exit tunnel or are very quick and handy, it would behoove you to fill out this contact form and have Attic Kings come and secure your home!

Flying Squirrels – Not Coveredflying squirrel at night

While certainly adorable as pets, flying squirrels can cause large amounts to your property. Unlike normal squirrels, flying squirrels can take the bark off of trees, dig unsightly holes in your yard, and. If flying squirrels should get into your home, they can spread diseases like rabies and typhus, while their droppings and urine can cause breathing problems. Inside your home, they’ll chew on electrical wires, unfinished wood, and annihilate your insulation. These are all serious issues, and most of the time are NOT covered by your policy.

Bats – Somewhat Covered

bat hanging outdoorsBats seem like they’d be one of the coolest things to have around. That is until you’ve experienced them. Some homeowners’ policies include repairs of damage caused by bats, but none carry bat removal as a line item. Attic Kings provides bat removal, exclusion, and can perform decontamination and attic restoration. You’re not going to find that with who your insurance company suggests for you.





Rats – Not Coveredrat gnawing at electrical wire

Rats can be pets, but mostly they are wildlife that needs to stay out of your home. If unwanted guests are invading your property, it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible so that they can be excluded. Then the real work of decontamination and restoration can begin. Unfortunately, many companies will start work to repair rat damage without excluding them. Then they get right back inside your home and it becomes a vicious cycle. Be sure to call Attic Kings for all of your wildlife removal needs!


*As with any homeowners’ policy, you should always call your carrier to find out what coverages they offer.