Wildlife Removal in The Southeast

Jul 22, 2019 | Animal Removal, Exclusion, Restoration

If you live in a suburban or an urban area, you probably don’t realize how much farmland and wilderness there is. However, the non-rural areas of our country are growing rapidly and encroaching on our wildlife. This is causing many more instances that require wildlife removal. While more and more trees and forests disappear, we are also displacing the wildlife that calls them home.

While the Southeast offers a burgeoning haven for businesses and farmers alike, native wildlife is becoming severely and quickly homeless. When they enter your home, they’re not trying to be a nuisance, they’re simply looking for shelter. This can pose a serious health risk, along with the damage that can be done by uninvited wildlife.

Humane Animal Removal

You have Attic Kings’ commitment to creating a humane, effective, and permanent solution to ridding your property of critters. For almost 20 years, we have specialized in wildlife removal from attics, crawl spaces, and basements. At Attic Kings, we don a great understanding of the indigenous wildlife. From bats and bees to squirrels and raccoons, Attic Kings has your back! All removal of wildlife is done so in accordance with all regulations and laws in the state of Georgia. The same goes for all its municipalities.

a squirrel leaping from a tree

Animal Relocation

Our goal isn’t just to clear your home of wildlife but to take great care of the evicted species. Attic Kings wants to make sure that the critters are removed in the most humane way possible. Then we relocate the animals to a different region so they won’t come back and bother you. Lastly, we ensure all animals stay out of your home, which is the ultimate end-goal for all clients.

Summer and the later months is time for lots of creatures to find cool comfort in your home. Conversely, winter and cooler seasons offer a different variety of animals shelter from the cold. Once the removal and exclusion of wildlife leads to relocation, your Attic Kings tech will start work on the restoration of your affected area. The warmer months will bring in squirrels, bats, and bees, while the cooler weather will bring in more squirrels, opossums, and snakes.

Let Attic Kings Manage Your Wildlife Problems

Attic Kings takes great pride in evicting these critters and taking care of your wildlife problems for you. You’re likely a busy person with a hectic schedule, so let Attic Kings take the reins and get rid of your wildlife issue. Either fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 404 – 723 – 1065