Wildlife Technician Wanted In Duluth

Nov 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Are you a wildlife technician? Do you want to be? Attic Kings is looking for a wildlife technician in Duluth, Georgia. We are looking for a skilled and experienced team member to join our team here at Attic Kings. This position needs to be filled ASAP. Attic Kings specializes in the removal of squirrels, rodents, and other wildlife from attics, walls, and basements

Job Requirements and expectations:

  • Experience with proofing houses
  • Animal removal experience
  • Cannot have fear of animals
  • Experience & comfortability with ladders/heights
  • Frequent service calls
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Minor construction skills
  • Must be local
  • Good work ethic

inspecting a roof for signs of a critter

All tools necessary for the job will be supplied to you. This job offers good pay, great hours, and a steady supply of jobs/service calls. You will not have to get your own leads, they will be supplied from the main office. However, any leads you do bring will be welcomed.

humanely trapping and removing critters from a home

Job Duties:

  • Customer satisfaction (This is always job #1)
  • Thorough inspections
  • Writing estimates
  • Being presentable at all times
  • Written and spoken communication
  • Measuring- properties, areas of homes, various spaces
  • Walking on roofs (some with extreme pitches)
  • Problem-solving and math (percentages, addition, subtraction, etc.)
  • A positive, can-do attitude

At Attic Kings, we are in search of a hard worker, a salesman (sometimes), a good conversationalist, a driver, and a good all-around team member that can sell and do jobs right on the spot.

Our office is located in Norcross. You must have your own transportation or live locally to North Atlanta and/or Gwinnett County