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Reliable Chipmunk Removal Services in Buford, GA

Are chipmunks causing trouble around your home? These small rodents can create significant issues, from damaging your garden to undermining your home’s foundation with their burrows. Attic Kings offers expert chipmunk removal services in Buford, GA, to keep your property safe and secure.

Choose Attic Kings for Chipmunk Removal

Skilled Professionals: Our team is made up of experienced wildlife removal specialists who handle chipmunk infestations effectively.

Comprehensive Approach: We provide complete services, including inspection, removal, damage repair, and preventive measures.
Humane Techniques: We prioritize humane removal methods, ensuring chipmunks are safely relocated without harm.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand by our services with a guarantee. If chipmunks return within a set period, we’ll address it at no extra cost.

Our Detailed Chipmunk Removal Process

  • In-Depth Inspection: We start with a thorough examination of your property to find chipmunk nests and entry points.
  • Custom Removal Strategy: Our experts develop a removal plan tailored to your specific situation.
  • Safe Capture and Removal: Using humane traps, we capture and relocate chipmunks.
  • Repair and Prevention: We fix any damage and implement strategies to prevent future infestations.

Identifying a Chipmunk Infestation

  • Burrow Holes: Small holes and extensive tunneling in your yard are key indicators.
  • Plant Damage: Chipmunks often dig up bulbs and damage garden plants.
  • Nesting Materials: Finding shredded paper or fabric in unusual places can indicate nesting.
  • Chewing Damage: Look for gnaw marks on wires, wood, and other materials.

Tips to Prevent Chipmunk Infestations

Preventing chipmunks from returning is essential. Here are some prevention tips:

  • Seal Entry Points: Close any gaps or holes in your home’s exterior.
  • Eliminate Food Sources: Keep bird feeders and pet food indoors, and clean up fallen fruits and nuts.
  • Yard Maintenance: Keep your yard tidy by trimming back vegetation and removing debris.

Contact Us for Buford Chipmunk Removal

If chipmunks are causing problems on your property, don’t wait for the situation to escalate. Reach out to Attic Kings for professional chipmunk removal services in Buford, GA. Our team is ready to provide you with effective and humane solutions to protect your home.

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I had a bat problem in my attic gable vent. The crew listened to my needs, recommended a fix and installed it. They were an excellent choice for my problem. I would call them again!
Richard K.

Jonathan and his crew were very professional and took care of our huge critter problem. He did several follow-up visits to make sure the traps were working and was always available to answer my questions. They were a pleasure to work with and worth every dollar.

Donna W.

I had a bad squirrel problem in my attic, so I called Attic Kings. They came out to do an inspection and found out how the pests were getting in. They installed one of their tunnels and within days, they were gone. It has been over a year since Attic Kings have gotten rid of my squirrel problem and the animals haven’t been back since.
Chris M.