Attic Rodent Removal

Mar 5, 2020 | Animal Removal, Exclusion, General, Restoration

Homeowners are often confused when it comes to unwanted wildlife in their home. They confuse rodents with squirrels, which is easy to do. But since that’s the case, we will tell you about both of them. A squirrel will typically get in around the roof, the gutters – the top part of the house. Squirrels are basically just tree rats. Whatever you want to call them, they’re a real nuisance. Squirrels prefer to stay high at all times so they can stay away from predators. Rodent removal from your attic is essential


Rodents, however, will go in the top and/or bottom of your home. This is why when Attic Kings removes rodents, we must treat the entire home, leaving no stone unturned. We seal the house from top to bottom or the process won’t work. Rats (and other rodents) have an exoskeleton. Which means their bones can collapse to help them fit through holes as small as a quarter. Rodents are also scavengers. They’ll find their way into your home by any means necessary when they smell that fantastic dinner you’re making. Once inside, rodents will also make nests, seek shelter, and even have babies.

Rodents are excellent climbers that have curved nails to climb. They also come equipped with long, pointy teeth. Squirrels’ and rats’ teeth continuously grow. That said, they must chew on anything and everything to keep them sharp and short so they’re able to eat. Prevention is key. Otherwise, they’ll penetrate a home anywhere they like and can climb almost anything.


The Inspection

A 30- to 45-minute inspection is required to determine how much your home is in need of. This inspection will also let you know what type of rodent removal is necessary. Attic Kings’ full exclusion and removal process can take from 14 to 30 days to permanently rid your home of rodents, rats, and unwanted wildlife. This includes your attic, walls, basement, and crawlspace. The estimated time for the eviction process will also rely on the size of your home, the type and amount of pests, and if any restoration is required. We are sure to win the battle and bring your home back to a quiet, healthy place to thrive for you and your family.


With exclusion, traps and safety exit tunnels are tools of the trade. These devices are used to humanely trap and remove animals from your home without any harm. It can take anywhere from one day to two weeks to permanently rid your home of these pesky tree rats. With them residing in your attic, walls, and other hard-to-reach places, they will eventually leave to get more food (unless you’re keeping them fed). We then find the entry point and install a safety exit tunnel over that point. This allows the wildlife free exit without re-entry into your attics or walls.
Summarily, we install galvanized steel over the builders’ gap in the roofline. This implementation prevents further entry of all rodents or squirrels. We also seal all eaves, cracks, and gaps that we see around the roof while on the ladder. Once the work has been done, you wait for up to two weeks. When the squirrels go out for nuts and water they’ll not be able to return. Your house will then be squirrel-free for good! And you will be under our 1-year guarantee, which is optional to renew every year. Again, we are sure to win the battle and bring your home back to a healthy, quiet safe place to live.

Full Exclusion

When you have rodents, rats, or squirrels in your attic, walls, or basement, it can be difficult to get rid of them. This is why we recommend a full exclusion. This consists of sealing the home from top to bottom.
  • Sealing all holes gaps, cracks, and pipes around foundation/crawlspace
  • Rescreening all vents around foundation/crawl space
  • If the crawl space door has wood rot or gaps around it, it should be replaced as well
  • We also set traps


  • Installation of 23-gauge galvanized steel over builders gap in the roofline
  • Then we would seal all holes, gaps, cracks, and eaves around the roof
  • Giving you a permanent solution to it otherwise ongoing problem, guaranteed!

Live Free from Rodents and Squirrels!

After your rodent removal job completion, squirrels, rats, and rodents are gone, Attic Kings comes back and gives you another quote to decontaminate the living areas from these dirty creatures. This is typically in the attic. Be very careful to make sure they are gone, or they will destroy your attic again.

Attic Kings – a Humane Wildlife Removal Company

We are a safe, humane, and poison-free company, with excellent guarantees. Our guarantee means that we will service, trap, or seal if another problem arises. Call Attic Kings today with your rodent removal questions. We recommend that you stay under our umbrella for your family’s protection, so we can continue to give you the excellent service you deserve while keeping those pesky creatures out for good!